The Chupa Cabra Tale.

This strange creature has fangs, scales, big bulgy eyes, claws, wings and drinks blood, like a Vampire.

The first reports of this creature in Puerto Rico was back in the 1960's and 70's, when local farmers gave reports of the strange deaths of their animals, dead animals that had their blood sucked out of them thru a wound on the neck. The first reports of these strange bloodless animal deaths were goats; the local farmers gave the creature the nick name of the Chupa Cabra (goat sucker).
Over the years reports continued from time to time that included the deaths of other animals and even more sightings of the creature by local people. The local news reporters used the nick name given by the local farmers and this is how this strange creature got its name, Chupa Cabra (Goat Sucker).

According to local eye witnesses the creature is about 4 to 5 feet tall, walks on its hind legs, bulgy dark eyes, fangs, scales, (reptile in nature) wings and has spikes on its back and attacks animals to suck their blood till they die.

Fear even struck the Notorious Tito Bicycle, a well known notorious fear less murderer, robber and drug dealer when he saw the creature. According to his (kidnapped) female companion, once while on a hike thru the calm country side in the woods they came across the Chupa Cabra in low flight at dawn, the creature struck such fear in this fearless outlaw, he became pale and he shouted to her to run, they both ran in total fear, even though Tito Bicycle was known not to fear anything and was heavily armed. Did Tito Bicycle fear the creature in it's self, or did he fear it was the very Devil from Hell that had come to get his soul. Who knows? The Notorious Tito Bicycle was shot to death in a gun battle with the local Police before this report by his (kidnapped) companion was made public. One thing is for sure the bloodless cadavers of animals and eye witness’s reports from many honest citizens points out that this creature is real.

The fact does exist that there have been reports of this creature world wide. Bloodless animal stock is no laughing matter to a farmer and can not be consider a joking matter. There have been reports of this creature from South America, the United States and Europe. So we can not say this is a legend, this is a real life creature and it lives on our planet.

Drawing done by Eddie Ferrer of the Chupa Cabra.  Click on drawing to enlarge.

Let us study this creature.

Large dark eyes, large dark eyes are for light gathering in dark places, this creature must live in dark caves and only comes out during dawn and night. This could be one of the reasons we have not seen much of this creature, it must live in dark deep caves.  Perhaps it dies in deep unexplored caves on this planet, this could be the reason no skeletons/remains of this creature have been found.

Small wings, this creature might be capable of flight.  If it is capable of flight, it must have hollow bones, like birds. This could be a reason that no skeletons of the creature have been found, their bones might disintegrate with in time, become dust or maybe it does not have bones, has tendons, like sharks.

Scales, this creature is some type of reptile, must be cold blooded, this creature might hibernate during the winter. This could be another reason why we don't see much of the creature.
Drinks blood from animals, evidence from dead animals corpses tell us this creature is like a vampire, it drinks blood.

One thing is for sure, I haven't seen this creature in any biology book or a zoo.

Why are we hearing so much of this creature lately?

Modern man now a day has advance communications systems, new papers, radio, and TV. The population of mankind has grown and now covers areas that were wilderness in the old days. These are the reasons for more sightings and reports.

In the old days news was passed by word of mouth, from person to person to village to village, as it passed the news was changed and altered. This gave way to legends and monster tales.

”Eddie's Theory”;

So what is the Chupa Cabra?
My theory is that this creature has always existed and there have been tales and legends about this creature for ages. To me the Chupa Cabra is a Gargoyle; yes a legendary Gargoyle from the medieval ages. Even as I was drawing the illustration of the Chupa Cabra it reminded me of the Gargoyle statues seen in old parts of
Europe. I believe that many legends are based on this creature, such as legendary creatures as vampires, dragons and other legendary monsters each legend was changed as the story was pass by way of mouth to person to person and they created a new legend, monster tales and Vampire stories.

Yes, this creature, the Chupa Cabra is nothing more than a Gargoyle and has always existed, this creature might be older than mankind in it's self, this creature might be prehistoric.

To me this is the only logical explanation.

Eddie Ferrer